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Keep your head up

No matter how many times you may fail, never give up on yourself! Trust me. Ever since I was a little girl, I told myself that no matter how many times I may fail, I must never give up. Sometimes it may take you 100 tries before you finally succeed–and that’s okay. You will know that you put your heart, energy and effort into your accomplishment.

You will be so proud of yourself knowing that you kept on pushing until you fulfilled your achievement. No matter how many people, obstacles and challenges that may be standing in your way, know that you will get there in time, with a little bit of patience and a pinch of luck.

For some of us, certain things come easier than others. We as humans are capable of doing incredible things. No matter how hard things may get, giving up is not the solution. If you are trying to do something and the way you have been going about it doesn’t seem to work, try another route. When you show persistence and perseverance that expresses determination. Stand tall, pick yourself up if you have fallen or failed and keep your head up high.

All great individuals in this world have failed before they reached their full potential.

Tom & Jerry: If you start to feel trapped, take a deep breath and make a plan for that day. You are only human. Do your best 🙂