Wishes in the Air

Balloon-ing Around

Make A Wish

As a child, I remember being told that if you let a balloon free into the sky and made a wish, it would come true one day. I never understood how this could be possible as a child, but I wished anyways.

I’d like to think that there is a collection of balloons high up in the sky somewhere with my many childhood wishes still floating–maybe one day they will come true. In the meanwhile, I’m working at making my dreams and wishes come true and not letting anything or anyone stand in my way of making them a reality.

**Here’s a super cute clip from one of my favorite Disney movies Up featuring Carl & Ellie. Always be grateful for love, when you find it, appreciate one another and treat each other with devotion, loyalty and never lose your passion for one another.

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First Kiss Flop


Classic movies are a true treasure, and have some of the most romantic kisses:

Pucker up. Kissing. Smooching. A sweet exchange between two lips. Tongue twisting. Call it what you will, but with the right person you just can’t seem to get enough of attacking them with kisses! At least that’s how I feel now…♥

When I met the man of my dreams a.k.a the love of my life a little over a year ago; thank goodness I didn’t give up on him after our first kiss! It was one of those kisses that needed to be filmed because it just went wrong, oh so wrong! There was more teeth clanking than lips smooching. To this day he still believe it was me doing the clanking. I don’t think so mister! Continue reading

Remember, Never Forget–The Holocaust

Museum of Jewish Heritage--A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

We must never forget the inhumanity that took place during the Holocaust. No matter who you are, what religion you practice, the color of your skin, the language(s) you speak, your economic standing, where you live, your choice of sexuality, regardless of your age and gender–all people must learn about and teach one another about what happened during the Holocaust. This week I started an Internship at the Museum of Jewish Heritage–A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York, NY as a Communications Intern within their Marketing and Public Relations department. It is an honor to be a part of a team where I can express my skills, learn from experienced and dedicated professionals as well as share a passion for educating all about the Holocaust. Continue reading

A Mother’s Love

I am grateful to have a mom whom has been a nurse for twenty-five years is such a selfless and extraordinary woman and individual. She will put her needs aside to take care of her family. No matter how she is feeling herself, she will do everything in her power to make sure her husband, daughters and parents are feeling their very best.

When I got sick this past week with food poisoning from a chicken caesar wrap (side note: DON’T EAT SANDWICHES THAT HAVE BEEN IN A GLASS SHOWCASE ALL DAY) my mom was there by my side, making sure I was warm, brining me tea with honey, making me breakfast and comforting me. Continue reading

Happy Snoopy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to cherish those whom are close to you such as family and friends.  So hurry up and go stuff that Turkey, stir up the cranberry sauce, mash up sweet potatoes and gather up all the family troops.

Not all of us are as privileged to share a Thanksgiving that is filled with those who love and care for us and  with an abundance of home-cooked food. Be grateful for what you have this year and take the time to do something special for someone else. Whether that means donating your time at a shelter, volunteering at a charity/organization, giving toys to children whose parents can’t afford to purchase them and sharing with those who aren’t able to have a festive Thanksgiving holiday.

Everyone deserves to be surrounded by loved ones on this special day. So remember, just because you have a family and friends and plenty of food to go around, there are many others who don’t. Plan on doing something extra for someone else in any way that you can. This holiday isn’t just about eating, it’s about giving and being thankful for the life that we have and giving others a chance to have a beautiful life as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Love At First Roll

For years a dear friend of mine attempted at convincing me to try sushi. However, I had these pre-fixed notions of what it would taste like and time after time I refused. That was my first mistake. Not trying sushi was just a cover to everything else in my life at that time (almost a year and a half ago) that was furiously rolling downhill.

I denied myself the pleasure of trying anything new. Prior to even giving sushi a chance, I had already written it off my list. In fact, for many years my list consisted of a routine I had been used to and the thought of incorporating change scared me desperately. I feared trying something new, something that was outside of my comfort zone. What I know now, is that I was terrified of what I would find. What I found was a love for the Japanese sushi roll and an extraordinary zest for life.

From the first bite of the well-known Shrimp Tempura roll, until the very last, it was an instant love affair. Till this day, almost a year and a half later, my heart can not refuse sushi. Some may find this a little off the hinges crazy, but to me it makes logical sense.

Shrimp Tempura Roll

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