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Happy Chrismakkuh!

Happy Chrismakkuh! This year, whether you celebrate Chistmas or Hanukkah, I’d like to wish you all a very beautiful, loving, warm, fuzzy, healthy and super happy holiday! Take this time to spend it with those whom you love and care about and vis versa.

Tonight we light the first candle on the Menorah, starting from left to right to celebrate the first of 8 nights of Hanukkah. Celebrating the holiday is more than just what kind of gifts we get to unwrap, but about spending this special time with family and friends. I suggest getting the family/friends together and playing some board games or even charades. Get everyone laughing and having fun! 🙂


Happy Snoopy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a time to cherish those whom are close to you such as family and friends.  So hurry up and go stuff that Turkey, stir up the cranberry sauce, mash up sweet potatoes and gather up all the family troops.

Not all of us are as privileged to share a Thanksgiving that is filled with those who love and care for us and  with an abundance of home-cooked food. Be grateful for what you have this year and take the time to do something special for someone else. Whether that means donating your time at a shelter, volunteering at a charity/organization, giving toys to children whose parents can’t afford to purchase them and sharing with those who aren’t able to have a festive Thanksgiving holiday.

Everyone deserves to be surrounded by loved ones on this special day. So remember, just because you have a family and friends and plenty of food to go around, there are many others who don’t. Plan on doing something extra for someone else in any way that you can. This holiday isn’t just about eating, it’s about giving and being thankful for the life that we have and giving others a chance to have a beautiful life as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!