1980s Alphabet Answers Revealed…

Just a few of my 80s films on VHS

Here you go folks, the answers to the 1980s Film Alphabet from my previous post:

A: Airplane  B: Back to the Future  C: Coming to America

D: Dirty Dancing E: E.T.  F: Flight of the Navigator

G: Ghostbusters  H: Honey I Shrunk the Kids I: Indiana Jones

J: Jumping Jack Flash K: Karate Kid  L: Labyrinth

M: Mannequin N: Nightmare On Elm Street O: Octopussy

P: Princess Bride Q: Q:The Winged Serpent R: Rambo

S: Short Circuit T: Teen Wolf  U: Untouchables

V: Vice Versa  W: Weird Science X: Xandu

Y: Youngblood Z: Zelig




2 responses to “1980s Alphabet Answers Revealed…

  1. Ha ha, I’m such a product of the 80s too. 🙂

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