How well do you know the 1980s?

Work by Stephen Wildish

When it comes to the 1980s, I am crazy, madly, obsessively, head over heals in love with everything having to do with that decade! Yes yes, even the crazy poofy hairstyles, the electrically modified tunes, the outrageous outfits and cheesy teen movies! I will never get enough of The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! These are just *some* of my all-time favorites.

Recently, I persuaded my loving boyfriend to purchase a DVD special of Pretty in Pink since the only version I had of it was on (drum roll please) VHS! Sounds ancient right? I probably shouldn’t say this out loud or even  on the web but I still own quite a few movies on VHS. Not that I can watch any of them, but I do recall a time when it was time rewind a movie I would use a VHS tape rewind machine. Feels like a flashback in time!

When I saw this “1980’s Film Alphabet” by Stephen Wildish, it brought a huge smile to my face! I was able to name a majority of the films, but some pictures left me stumped. How well do you remember the 80’s? Try it for yourself! I will post the answers tomorrow! Good luck!




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