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The way to his heart

Walnut Heaven!

The secret ingredient to having a healthy and loving relationship heavily depends on making an effort to show the other person that you care and pay attention to them. Every man has a sweet spot–mine just happens to be in love with a russian style cake called Vafelne Tort which in English translates to Waffle Cake! Although I am a woman, that doesn’t necessarily mean I am the best cook. However, I am proud to say that  I can make this particular cake taste mmm mmm delicious!

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1980s Alphabet Answers Revealed…

Just a few of my 80s films on VHS

Here you go folks, the answers to the 1980s Film Alphabet from my previous post:

A: Airplane  B: Back to the Future  C: Coming to America

D: Dirty Dancing E: E.T.  F: Flight of the Navigator

G: Ghostbusters  H: Honey I Shrunk the Kids I: Indiana Jones

J: Jumping Jack Flash K: Karate Kid  L: Labyrinth

M: Mannequin N: Nightmare On Elm Street O: Octopussy

P: Princess Bride Q: Q:The Winged Serpent R: Rambo

S: Short Circuit T: Teen Wolf  U: Untouchables

V: Vice Versa  W: Weird Science X: Xandu

Y: Youngblood Z: Zelig



How well do you know the 1980s?

Work by Stephen Wildish

When it comes to the 1980s, I am crazy, madly, obsessively, head over heals in love with everything having to do with that decade! Yes yes, even the crazy poofy hairstyles, the electrically modified tunes, the outrageous outfits and cheesy teen movies! I will never get enough of The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! These are just *some* of my all-time favorites.

Recently, I persuaded my loving boyfriend to purchase a DVD special of Pretty in Pink since the only version I had of it was on (drum roll please) VHS! Sounds ancient right? I probably shouldn’t say this out loud or even  on the web but I still own quite a few movies on VHS. Not that I can watch any of them, but I do recall a time when it was time rewind a movie I would use a VHS tape rewind machine. Feels like a flashback in time!

When I saw this “1980’s Film Alphabet” by Stephen Wildish, it brought a huge smile to my face! I was able to name a majority of the films, but some pictures left me stumped. How well do you remember the 80’s? Try it for yourself! I will post the answers tomorrow! Good luck!



Keep your head up

No matter how many times you may fail, never give up on yourself! Trust me. Ever since I was a little girl, I told myself that no matter how many times I may fail, I must never give up. Sometimes it may take you 100 tries before you finally succeed–and that’s okay. You will know that you put your heart, energy and effort into your accomplishment.

You will be so proud of yourself knowing that you kept on pushing until you fulfilled your achievement. No matter how many people, obstacles and challenges that may be standing in your way, know that you will get there in time, with a little bit of patience and a pinch of luck.

For some of us, certain things come easier than others. We as humans are capable of doing incredible things. No matter how hard things may get, giving up is not the solution. If you are trying to do something and the way you have been going about it doesn’t seem to work, try another route. When you show persistence and perseverance that expresses determination. Stand tall, pick yourself up if you have fallen or failed and keep your head up high.

All great individuals in this world have failed before they reached their full potential.

Tom & Jerry: If you start to feel trapped, take a deep breath and make a plan for that day. You are only human. Do your best 🙂